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Unity Wellness at Diamond Head

Chiropractic & Energy Medicine

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A Powerful Combination

  At Unity Wellness we are combining modalities of Chiropractic and Energy Medicine, such as specialized bodywork, Reiki, Acupressure, Cupping, and Acupuncture to address an extensive variety of acute and chronic ailments and pain conditions.

  The combined treatment sessions are extraordinarily effective, pleasant and deeply relaxing.

    Beyond restoring your natural health and well‐being, our particular interest and expertise is all about preventive medicine and health maintenance.

     Drawing from a combined experience of 50+ years as healthcare providers with over 30,000 individual treatments we found that the single most powerful ‘procedure’ in holistic healthcare is connecting our body with the enormous wellspring of its own healing resources and to keep this connection alive.

     The biological systems of our bodies evolved over millions of years and have, in most cases, all the resources and mechanisms needed to maintain or restore optimal health and well-being – but only if these resources are freely accessible.

    Physiological and energetic misalignments and imbalances, however, can severely interfere with the free flow of information and restorative mechanisms in our bodies, or can be a cause of pain and disease by themselves.

    If we are serious about optimizing well-being and vitality, we must address this dynamic intelligently, and combining our complementary treatment modalities across these disciplines proved most effective. We are finding unequaled results and immediately noticeable improvements in alignment and balance with nearly every session.

    We are truly excited and enthusiastic about being able to offer this innovative, effective, and cost‐efficient health service, and we are looking forward to making YOUR well‐being our source of happiness.

All are welcome!


The Team

The Team

Eric Vroom, D.C.


    With a degree in Biology and a doctorate in Chiropractic, both summa cum laude, Dr. Vroom is our Alignment Specialist. He started practicing Chiropractic in 2009, gaining an immensity of experience by working as an associate chiropractor in some of the busiest offices in the country.

    In 2012 Dr. Vroom moved to Hawaii and prior to co-founding 'Unity Wellness at Diamond Head', he founded and operated 'Vroom Family Chiropractic', a very successful practice in Kaimuki.

    Dr. Vroom's special interest and focus is to use Chiropractic techniques to facilitate states of alignment that go beyond the musculoskeletal level. While generally providing pain relief and greater flexibility with his adjustments, he is always aiming to release deep seated stress triggers as well to promote profound and lasting states of well being and ease.



Felix Wolf, L.Ac.


    With a degree in Psychology, summa cum laude, and a Master's Degree and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, Felix Wolf is our Balancing Specialist.

    Felix' training and experience in holistic healthcare and energy medicine is extensive, spanning nearly 40 years.

    After completing an advanced internship at the worlds largest Acupuncture Hospital in Beijing, Felix founded and operated a Wellness Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, together with his wife Carmela. Subsequently they founded and operated ‘Acupuncture at Sea’ - Oriental Medicine on Cruise Ships, in a partnership with 'Celebrity Cruises'.

    From 2003 until 2007 Felix and Carmela operated a very successful Oriental Medicine Program at Spring Creek Lodge Academy in Montana, a specialty boarding school for ‘troubled’ adolescents and young adults.

    Since moving to Hawaii in 2007 and prior to co-founding 'Unity Wellness at Diamond Head', Felix authored and published a book about living in alignment with Universal Spirit, titled ‘The Art of Navigation’. It was translated into German, Spanish, Russian, and Hebrew.

    Simultaneously he has been working in private practice, offering holistic Oriental Medicine with a focus on integrating and harmonizing body, mind, and spirit.


Carmela Wolf, L.Ac.

Herbalist and Nutritionist

    With a degree in Psychology, cum laude, a Master's Degree and Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, a certificate in Holistic Health, and Post Graduate Studies in Nutrition Science, Carmela is our Nutritional Specialist.

    Her training and experience is very extensive as well, including post graduate studies and an advanced internship at Bejing's Xi Yuan Hospital.

    Together with her husband Felix, she co-founded and operated a Wellness Center in Santa Fe, 'Acupuncture at Sea' with 'Celebrity Cruises', and an Oriental Medicine Program in Montana for troubled adolescents and young adults.

    Since 2007 Carmela has been the manager of the Wellness Department at 'Down to Earth', Hawaii's original health food store. Her wellness department features thousands of different health related products and supplements and through continuous training, seminars, and customer feedback she has accumulated an unequaled wealth of knowledge.

    Carmela is a sought after expert on nutritional health, having lectured at various local venues, schools, and on television.



The Office

The Office

    Located on the Southwest corner of the Unity Church Campus, our ground floor office has plenty of free parking right in front of the entrance, as well as on Diamond Head Circle, Monsarrat Avenue, and the Unity Church parking lot, accessible from Diamond Head Circle. 

    Beautifully nestled in the old growth vegetation of the sacred grounds with their quiet ambiance and nurturing energy, our wellness center, which is open to all, could not have found a better home for facilitating our healing work.


The Session

The Session

    Each treatment session consists of a combination of Chiropractic  and Energy Medicine modalities. The latter may consists of traditional Acupuncture, Laser Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, and related therapies, depending on the needs and preferences of the patient. Chiropractic adjustments often set free significant amounts of energy, which are then guided with these Energy Medicine procedures to where they are needed. The combination also allows for the adjustments to set in deeper, making them more resilient.

    In other cases it may be beneficial to soften and open up connective tissue around the spine and joints before the Chiropractic adjustment to facilitate a smoother experience and longer lasting alignments. 

    With the additional modalities, especially with acupuncture, we are also able to powerfully address health concerns that may not respond immediately to Chiropractic alone.

    While spontaneous symptom relief with one or a few treatments is quite common, we highly recommend regular sessions to maintain a healthy state of alignment and balance. As Benjamin Franklin put it: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


The Word on the Street

The Word on the Street


    Dear Eric and Felix, 
Thank you! The agonizing pain and discomfort that I have been suffering with for weeks - is gone! 
No more pain down my leg, no lump behind the knee. No limping and  I can actually sit down. I am so happy to feel like myself again, free from the limitations caused by the constant pain. 
I just had to say thank you and let you know that I am feeling so much better!! 
I'm so  glad that I made time to come see you.  Thank you again, 
Have a great day,  - Alison G., Honolulu

    I first came to the Unity Wellness Center for treatment for a back injury.  My back went into spasm and I was in extreme pain.  I went to Unity Wellness immediately and this happened to be the week they were opening the Center.  After just three treatments with Eric and Felix, my back was free of all pain.  I find the expertise, wisdom, grace, and attention of both of these men are phenomenal.   I believe that this team approach combining Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments is a sound and a fertile offering to promote healing, healthy living, and wholeness. I respect and trust Eric and Felix.  I have continued my treatments for health, wellbeing and prevention of further injury.  I have also received awesome advice from Carmela, their herbalist nutritionist. I am healthy, vibrant, and strong.  Thank you Unity Wellness Center. With Love and Blessings, - Gary C., Honolulu

    I am a connoisseur of Chiropractic. I have been searching for the right practitioner for my health and self-care here on O'ahu since I arrived 8 months ago! After just one session, my spine is so full of movement and flexibility, I can breathe so much more deeply and freely. I had the best night sleep I've had in months and generally feel so much more aliveness and vitality throughout my whole body. The dissipation of tension continues to unwind from my system - the effects are on-going. In our session, Dr. Vroom was so present - he didn't try to put me on his own agenda. He listened sincerely and created the space for me to find my own clarity about working together! The search is over, I found a true partner in Healing! Thank you, Dr. Vroom!  - Kristina P., Berkley

    I became a new patient of Dr. Vroom yesterday and I'm so glad I went in. My exam and treatment were very comprehensive and exactly what I needed. The adjustment was a great experience and the relief was immediate!  Dr. Vroom is extremely knowledgeable,  thorough,  and  such a pleasure to talk to. Go in and experience it for yourself, you'll be glad you did. - Dee F. , Honolulu

Felix Wolf is a healer at the level of his essence. Whether in a group session or individual treatment, he is charismatic and one hundred percent present. His integrity and clinical astuteness are impeccable. I have personally found his treatments to be enjoyable, precise and very effective. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend him to anyone seeking relief and solutions at a deep and permanent level. - Joseph Carlisi, Honolulu

    Dr. Vroom is the best pure principled chiropractor on the island. No BS, just everything you need, pure health at it's finest. He's extremely knowledgeable, thorough and really cares about your overall well-being in-and-out of the office. - Chris D., SanFrancisco

Felix is a superb acupuncturist who seems to have unlocked the mystery of how to remove pain. I believe this is because, while his acupuncture treatments work on pathways that allow energy to flow away from the 'physical' injury, he teaches his clients how to 'live' without pain. He is a healer and a teacher. - Valere McFarland, Honolulu

    Dr. Vroom was recommended to me by my roommate. I went to him hesitantly because my experience is good chiropractors are few and far between. I am very glad I want to Dr. Vroom. His price is very fair, he is very experienced and caring, and he shares the Aloha Spirit. In addition to other parts of my spine, Dr. Vroom adjusted my atlas - something I had never experienced before. After, my entire body felt alive and the aches and pains that I had accepted as a part of life have all but disappeared. Simply amazing. Well worth your time even just talking with him about his style. Mahalo, Dr. Vroom! - Kit W., Honolulu

    Felix and Carmela Wolf are without doubt at the top of their profession. They are world class healers. I am sure they will continue to use their powers to the benefit of anyone who is lucky enough to cross their path." - Nick Weir, Cruise Director, G.T.S Infinity, Celebrity Cruises

    I just wanted to write a personal THANK YOU  for being such a light in my son's life. What you have given him he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Love and Blessings, - Nia Peeples, actress, Los Angeles

    Carmela and Felix, I can not emphasize enough how thankful I am to have met you both. The work you two do, and have done to me, is a phenomenal life changing experience.
From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BOTH! - Marisa Veys, San Diego

    Lucky you if you are within reach of Felix Wolf's magic hands and needles. At age 88, I have never felt better or been happier. Felix can't take credit for all the happiness but I give him almost total credit for feeling so good. I can enjoy my life like a 50 year old. Give yourself the chance of a lifetime.- Barbara Hanson, Honolulu