How frequently should I have treatment sessions?

This obviously depends on a variety of factors. If there are significant or chronic health complaints or pain, initially, more frequent sessions will be necessary. We will make a recommendation after a thorough assessment.

For health maintenance and prevention we recommend two sessions per month, or weekly sessions as long as there are chronic background issues. For a healthy, asymptomatic body, a single monthly visit may be sufficient to maintain proper alignment and balance.


What are the benefits of combining Chiropractic with Acupuncture?

The benefits are significant. With Acupuncture and related modalities the entire musculoskeletal system can be optimally relaxed and opened, and thus prepared for a smooth, deep reaching, and long lasting Chiropractic adjustment. In other cases, the energy that is set free by the adjustment can be guided to where it is needed, while simultaneously holding the adjustment, allowing it to set in deeper, making it more resilient.

With the additional modalities, especially with Acupuncture, we are also able to powerfully address health concerns that may not respond immediately to Chiropractic alone.


How quickly can I expect results?

Results can be immediate, but more commonly they will manifest gradually. Even if symptoms disappear quickly, it maybe necessary to continue correcting longstanding misalignments periodically to prevent relapses and new pathologies.

Often the results and benefits of regular treatment sessions may even go beyond your expectations. Stress, tensions, misalignments, imbalances, and the resulting pain conditions tend to build up slowly and imperceptibly, and you don’t even know any more how good you could feel.

We are determined to let you know.  :)


Are there any adverse effects of the combined treatment sessions?

Our combined treatments are very powerful, even if this may not be immediately apparent. The most frequently reported experience is a sense of spaciousness and deep relaxation after a session. This is intended and an important part of the alignment and balancing process. Please do not counteract with stimulants. Rarely a temporary intensifying of symptoms or the appearance of different symptoms might occur, which in most cases is a normal by-product of the re-alignment dynamic. All should resolve promptly or with consecutive sessions. Please let us know if unpleasant symptoms persist or if you have any other concerns.


Is there anything I can do to facilitate faster results and benefits?

Absolutely! Perhaps the single most important step is giving the proper maintenance of your body the priority it deserves. We are holistic health care providers and beside the comprehensive care we are providing with our powerful and proven modalities during each combined session, we might make recommendations regarding nutrition, supplementation, exercises, and lifestyle. Compliance with these recommendations is important to achieve maximum benefits.